Step 1. Research

Deciding on the look and feel of your brand character is important to get right. We start by understanding your objectives and walking your team through a set of questions to get off the ground.


Step 2. Prototype

A prototype character is created to help you get a sense of what they will look like. Once we're on the same page we move on to a more detailed design phase.


Step 3. Design

Our team crafts the components of your character's personality and expressions. We keep you updated with milestones and take design input throughout.


Step 4. Development

Here we connect with your content system. Whether this is an app, a VR experience, or a kiosk will effect how long this stage takes.


Step 5. Launch

Go time! You can decide whether to launch with a bang or roll out your characters more slowly. We can accommodate A/B testing, controlled rollouts, and more.


Step 6. Support

Once you're launched you'll begin to learn more about your users and may need more changes or support. We want you to be successful and will make sure you have what you need.

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